Pteria Team

Today Pteria DAO is announcing a new strategic partnership with Polygon, the project formerly known as Matic.

Polygon is a company that aims to transform the blockchain of Ethereum into a multi-chain ecosystem with secured Layer 2 chains and standalone chains.

This new partnership will allow Pteria to be supported by a specific Polygon sidechain, in order to have — among other benefits — lower transaction fees compared to using the Ethereum blockchain.



A few days ago, on the Aragon platform dedicated to the Pteria DAO, we launched a voting event to understand the will of our users.

The proposal was to create new Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) representing specific geographical areas (UK, Greece, Turkey, Italy, United States, etc…).

This idea was greatly appreciated by you: the “YES” won, so Pteria DAO will launch these new NFTs next week!

The owner of these new NFTs related to a specific territory will receive a fee (percentage to be defined) of all revenues from Wallem players participating in events in that specific geographical area.

Stay tuned on our social media to know more about these new NFTs, that will be launched on



It is with extreme pleasure that today we announce that our ERC20 token called PTERIA will be added on the hardware wallet called Hashwallet.

Hashwallet is a new generation hardware wallet with high level partners like Jellurida and Changelly. The wallet will support any cryptocurrency thanks to the use of the programming language called HOLa, that is based on macros.

Funded thanks to a successful campaign on Indiegogo, HASHWallet created a totally secure environment for signing any transaction.

Besides, the user visualizes and confirms his operations through his large e-ink screen, avoiding any possibility of impersonation or fraud.

Hashwallet is compatible with the BIP39 standard that allows more advanced users the recovery using the 24-word passphrase.

To interact with the wallet, users will use a mobile application that provides a secure and easy to use experience.